Bridger Mountain Scribes

The Bridger Mountain Scribes of Montana comprises calligraphers in southwest Montana, including Bozeman and Gallatin Gateway. We meet once a month to discuss calligraphy, artists books, and other book arts, usually on the 1st Monday of the month at the Bozeman Public Library.


We are a member guild of the statewide Montana guild, Big Sky Scribes. If you’d like to find out more about calligraphy in southwest Montana, attend our meetings, or join the guild, email

Meeting on Monday, July 2

Mark your calendars for the two meetings at the library:

  • 11 AM on Monday, July 2 (small conference room)
  • 11 AM on Wednesday, September 10

On July 2, we’ll be working some more on developing layouts, and we’ll have a fun challenge toward the end of the meeting, plus a quick enclosure for our work. You’ll need to bring a pencil and some pre-cut paper (1 decorative and some plain). I’ll send the specifics out as soon as I’ve worked out what they are 🙂

Plans for the fall workshop with Laurie Doctor are moving apace. Note that you must be a member of Big Sky Scribes in order to get first dibs on a spot in the workshop.

Bring the following:

  • 1 sheet decorative paper (1-sided or 2-sided) 11″ x 17″
    — grain short, preferred but not required
  • 4 sheets paper 8″ x 5″ for pencil layouts
    — grain short, preferred but not required
  • bone folder, if you have one
  • pencil
  • a few short-ish texts (10-20 words)
  • several sheets of any kind of writing paper for pencil trials

Want a sneak peek at folded self-enclosing book designed by Hedi Kyle that we’ll be making? Check out this blog post and this one. (Unlike these tutorials, I’ve chosen the dimensions to fit a standard baronial #5-1/2 envelope.)

Meeting on Monday, May 14

Our next meeting is Monday, May 14, from 11 am to 1 pm in the small conference room.

Beth, Barb and Rose will talk briefly about the Big Sky Scribes spring workshop they attended in Helena last weekend, where they studied Spencerian script with Harvest Crittenden. Spencerian script was a handwriting system developed in the U.S. in the late 19th century. It is written with a pointed pen.

Watch this short YouTube video for a glimpse of the compilation of some pretty flashy Spencerian writing:

We won’t be studying the script itself on Monday, but we’ll do some of the standard exercises that help with muscle memory for better writing. These drills will aid all of your lettering, not just Spencerian script − pointed pen, broad-edge pen, and handwriting.

Bring the following:

  • a short text, 7-15 words
  • dip pen, pointed nib if you have it (smallish broad edge if you don’t have pointed)
  • ink or paint for the small finished piece
  • palette or inkwell as needed
  • pencil for drills and making guidelines
  • layout paper, if you have some on hand (transparent but heavier than tracing paper)

We will provide drill guides, and layout paper if you need it.